Our Booking System

Appointment Booking System at The Redcliffe Surgery

There are three types of appointments which you can book at The Redcliffe Surgery

  1. Routine appointment.  These are for non-urgent new or follow-up medical matters.  We endeavour to offer access to a doctor within 48 hours and to a nurse within 24 hours.  However if you wish to make an appointment with a particular doctor, this time may take longer as some of our doctors have medical work which takes them out of the surgery at certain times.  Some doctors additionally do not work full time. This can mean that they have fewer clinical appointments available for routine matters.

  1. Routine telephone appointment (“Teleconsult”).  This is a new initiative we are trialling. These are a new type of appointment to deal with routine ongoing problems, for example where follow up is required and the patient has already seen the doctor.  The patient books a “teleconsult” appointment and the doctor phones them back within a specified the time period of one hour on average.  This can save patients coming in for a face to face appointment if they want to report a change in their symptoms or a concern about their medication.
  2. Urgent Appointment. These appointments are made on the day for patients who are unwell and need to be seen.  A telephone number is taken and the duty doctor will call the patient back, and if appropriate bring the patient in to be seen in a specially reserved appointment slot. Please make it clear to the receptionist that you feel your problem is urgent and cannot wait, but we ask you to use this service only if you are acutely ill so that other ill patients are made to wait longer than necessary to be dealt with.

How are appointments released?

Patients can book up to a month ahead.  Our computer system is programmed to release routine appointments each day at 8:00am and at 14:00pm.  Sometimes, if you wish to see a particular doctor on a particular day for a new medical problem, especially if it is a Partner who has other medical work outside of the surgery, the only way you may be able to do this will be to call us back more than once to catch new appointments as they are released by the computer.  If you routinely see a Partner and have a chronic condition, we would advise you to book a “teleconsult” appointment and the doctor can then bring you in if necessary.

Because of the potential inconvenience we do encourage patients who do not have a chronic condition to see any available doctor, to save having to call back.


Booking online

Patients who register for our online booking service can book their doctor or nurse appointment online at any time of day or night.  Please speak to a receptionist if you wish to register for this service.


Leaving messages

You may of course  leave a general message for any doctor here by telephone and this will be relayed to them at the end of their surgeries.  It may not be possible for a specific doctor to call you back on the same day however.  If your call is deemed urgent you will be offered the opportunity to speak to the duty doctor for that day.



Emails that are not to do with your medical symptoms, for example, prescription requests, can be sent to us at redcliffesurgery@nhs.net.  This address is not manned by a doctor, however. Prescription requests take two working days to process. E-mail is also appropriate for any administrative queries relating to appointments at the hospital with which you might need help to organise.